How Do I Perform An Enterprise Activation on My Blackberry Device

1. You should receive an activation email with the activation password. Please use your regular email application (such as Outlook 2003 or Outlook Web Access) to open this email.

2.       Open the Enterprise Activation program (Options > Enterprise Activation, Options > Advanced Options > Enterprise Activation, or Settings > Options > Advanced Options > Enterprise Activation) on the handheld and type the appropriate email address and activation password that were provided in the activation email.

This activation password is used only to activate your mailbox. The password is invalid after five unsuccessful activation attempts, and if you do not activate your handheld 48 hours after the password is created, the password expires and cannot be used. When the handheld is successfully activated, the password is removed from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. You can always get a new activation password by calling the HelpDesk. 

Wireless Enterprise Activation application: Enter password

Wireless Enterprise Activation application: Click Activate

4.       After your click Activate on your Handheld, your device sends activation request: The handheld sends an activation request email to the user’s email account. This email contains information about the handheld such as routing information and the handheld’s activation public keys.

5.       Server sends activation response: The BlackBerry Enterprise Server sends the handheld an activation email response that contains routing information about the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and the server’s public keys.

6.       Device and server establish and verify keys: The BlackBerry Enterprise Server and the handheld establish a master encryption key. Both the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and the handheld verify their knowledge of the master key to each other. If key confirmation succeeds, the activation proceeds and further communication is encrypted.

BlackBerry handheld displays verification status

7.       Service books sent: The BlackBerry Enterprise Server sends appropriate service books (for example, messaging service book, wireless calendar service book, browser service book) to the handheld. You can now send and receive messages on the handheld.

8.       Data loaded: BlackBerry Enterprise Server sends the following data to your handheld:

  • calendar entries address book entries
  • tasks
  • memos
  • email messages
  • existing handheld options (if applicable) that were backed up through automatic wireless backup

BlackBerry handheld receives data

BlackBerry handheld displays activation status

9.       Activation is complete!

Article ID: 4, Created On: 6/26/2008, Modified: 6/26/2008